Visit Jersey

Getting tourists to dream about Jersey

One of Oi’s most recent advertising campaigns for Visit Jersey launches at time when people are dreaming of their next summer holiday. The creation and launch of communications showcasing the islands’ summer offerings were timed perfectly to coincide with prospective visitors returning to work.

Research has shown that the cold weather, dark nights and post-holiday blues are all factors contributing to a surge in bookings which were expected to double during the first weekend of January compared to a standard weekend. TravelSupermarket travel expert Bob Atkinson is quoted as saying “the rules are simple” when getting the best deal on a summer holiday “book before the end of February”.

In 2017 over 65% of the island’s tourism visitors came from the UK with an equal split into nurture (been here before) and grow (never been before) markets (52% new vs 48% returning). This identified the importance of this campaign to appeal to both audiences.

Whilst it’s clear that the audience is motivated to book, the challenge for this campaign was to capture prospective visitors’ attention at a time when the market is saturated with holiday offers; whilst ensuring that the messaging aligned with the brand’s values, personality, positioning and purpose.

The messaging approach had to stand out and the “Summer is here” headline was chosen for its disruptive messaging during January and February, when obviously all over the country, summer isn’t here, it’s actually freezing. The headline offers a nostalgic message for previous visitors that have experienced a summer in Jersey as well as a “Don’t miss out” message for anyone that is yet to experience a Jersey summer.

The word “here” used in the headline has a double meaning in the context of time and location, implying that when you think of summer, you think of a Jersey summer, as well giving a sense of urgency to book.

Print advertising across national print publications including The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Observer and The Daily Mail ran until the end of February; complemented by a social media campaign across Facebook and Instagram ensuring that Jersey was well placed during this key booking period.

All print and digital communications direct prospective visitors to campaign pages on where content based around on-island product experiences is categorised by the key experiences people want from their summer holiday, identified in earlier research. The three main experiences required by our target audience for their summer holiday were attractive scenery, lots to see and do and time to relax, all offerings that a Jersey summer can provide by the bucket load.

An email campaign to Visit Jersey’s database brought more prospective visitors to the campaign pages as well as a follow-up email campaign, initiated by an incentive to win your summer holiday in Jersey. This additional data capture allowed us to reach the audience for a second time with offers and a route to tour operators offering online booking.

Destination and hospitality marketing continues to be a strong industry for Oi following great results for clients in both sectors in recent years. If you have a destination or hospitality brand that you feel could do with a bit of “Brand new thinking”, please get in touch.