Jersey Electricity

Switch and smile success

As Jersey Electricity’s appointed campaign agency for the energy solutions team, Oi worked on a stand-out heating campaign for the key switching months from October 2018 to March 2019. The campaign objectives were clear:

  1. Create c.500 fuel switching opportunities
  2. Educate islanders on the benefits of Electric heating
  3. Raise awareness of the all-new Smarter Living Energy Centre at The Powerhouse

In order to achieve these objectives, key ‘reasons to believe’ were identified substantiating our chosen messaging. The campaign team worked closely with Jersey Electricity to boil down to clear facts the benefits of electric energy to educate islanders and encourage fuel switching enquiries, of which over two thirds of leads are converted by the knowledgeable energy advisers. This included focus group data, efficiency stats and discussing the practicalities and tariff comparisons so both the oil and gas target markets could really understand the benefits of switching.

Four core concepts were devised with a messaging hierarchy conveying the benefits to the customer clearly. As the subject matter is highly technical, and statements are regulated closely by the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority), we took considered measures to ensure the language used was accurate and transparent, working with the client to utilise solid facts such as electricity being not only the 100% efficient alternative, but a cleaner and greener energy source with one third of its power harnessed from tidal energy.

The creative style was bold, taking a line based, illustrative approach – something fresh for the brand and modern to represent the future-proofing electric energy provides. The design had to incorporate both the Jersey Electricity brand (one trusted and known in the local community) and the Smarter Living brand assets in a memorable and identifiable way. Utilising characterisation allowed for the designs to continue to have an approachable feel.

The campaign strategy focused on a digital first approach, building on previous local media campaigns. The digital approach allowed us to measure and evaluate effectiveness, capture data and become more reactive.

A dedicated Facebook page for Smarter Living was set-up acting as a platform to run targeted advertising throughout the prime fuel switching months. Organic content was created to populate the page to provide further information from the adverts served to the locally targeted audience including animations which brought the creative to life to engage new leads.

To launch the campaign, we ran paid Facebook and Instagram ads with animated and static carousels on ‘Steps to switching’ and ‘Reasons to switch’ alongside static image ads for each benefit with links to informed articles on the website. This built intrigue and allowed customers to learn more about fuel switching in an engaging and unobtrusive way. The conversation was started.

The online campaign journey incorporated retargeting with animated display advertising serving targeted messaging to users who had already expressed interest or viewed the Smarter Living site. The call to action directed to a user-friendly fuel switching form allowing (for the first time) data capture and a direct way to ‘Book a heating survey’ online.

Further web banners were set-up, and strategically positioned in prime positions on local online news providers, running alongside traditional print ads in the press and parish publications with strong call to actions to visit the Smarter Living Centre.

A secondary phase of the campaign included updating the existing creative with the product at the focus, so that the user journey built to seeing clear images of the smart technology they would see in their homes when they switched to electricity.

Local radio (something that has always proved successful for the target audience) was utilised to ensure all demographics were reached, aiding the campaign messaging in a bold way with a stand-out script written by Oi, featuring characterisation and impersonations. The script which featured ‘David Beckham’ and ‘John Mottram’ was punchy, and indisputably memorable.

As the first Jersey Electricity integrated winter heating campaign that leveraged a digital audience, the performance stats were key. The campaign amassed 2.3 million impressions, 4,464 total site visits (52% via Facebook) and importantly achieved the target of the c.500 fuel switching enquiries (up from c.200 previously) over the winter months.