Gong at The Shard

A sky-high website for GŎNG at The Shard

The name GŎNG derives from the Chinese word ‘dougong’ – a unique structural element of interlocking wooden brackets commonly seen in traditional Chinese architecture and featured throughout the sky-high venue an The Shard, London.

The elevated space’s design is inspired by the mythical aspect of cinnabar, a mineral historically used to create the ‘dragon red’ walls of Chinese Imperial Palaces and believed to enhance positive energy. With interiors reminiscent of the traditional boudoirs of the West, GŎNG’s design incorporates a contemporary twist to promote modern Asian aesthetics.

Oi designed, built and manages the Gong website on behalf of Shangri-La Hotel at The Shard, London.

Scroll through the computer below to experience the webpage or visit the Gong website here.