Ting at The Shard

Mee-Ting in the clouds

Derived from the Chinese word for ‘living room’, TĪNG, is the collective name of the signature restaurant and lounge on Level 35 of Shangri-La at The Shard, London. Whether it is breakfast by sunrise or tea at sunset, soak in a backdrop of unsurpassed, iconic London views while savouring the best of British fare with an enticing Asian twist.

Defined by delicate screens, the space hints at subtle glamour while the minimalistic architecture of the building complements the urban cityscape. Turquoise and gold hues enliven the space with colourful accents and the open-plan finishing deck offers a sneak-peak beyond the tranquil environment and into the lively kitchen buzz.  Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and late supper, TĪNG is the ideal culinary destination for any occasion.

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