Locate Guernsey

Launching a new digital webinar

With world restrictions in place, we helped Locate Guernsey launch their first webinar to entice new high net worths to the island.

With all eyes on Guernsey following international acclaim for their handling of the pandemic, there was a great opportunity to reach out to new audiences and tell them more about a better life in Guernsey.

Using We are Guernsey’s existing webinar platform, we worked together to rebrand the platform and bring sponsors into the event.

For each sponsor, we created bespoke digital invites with trackable links for their guests.

We added a custom-built webinar showcase page to the existing website with details about the event and created all branding materials for the webinar platform.

For the event follow up, we created a digital brochure to educate on tax, healthcare and housing alongside imagery from Visit Guernsey.

We produced print ads to support registration and awareness of the Virtual showcase. Featuring ads in the Financial Times, Country Living and Yorkshire Life magazine.

The webinar was such a success, with over 300 guests from around the world attending –  that we are already in talks with Locate Guernsey preparing for the next.

The Locate Guernsey Virtual Showcase remains available for anyone to view online. Visit and register here.

If you’re thinking about new ways to engage digitally with your audiences, locally or across the world, please get in touch here.