Guernsey Electricity

Inspiring a positive switch to electric heating

Our brief from Guernsey Electricity was simple, to drive enquiries and ultimately conversions for electric heating products.

With Guernsey Electricity making the switch to 100% imported renewable electricity, electric heating offers Islanders a low carbon alternative to burning fossil fuels at home.

As part of our campaign planning we identified that consumers tend to think about night storage heaters and expensive running costs when thinking about electric heating, and that years of the comfort of roaring fires and fossil fuels has blurred understanding of new alternatives.

Our strategy was to get people to see ‘the future is electric’ by thinking about future generations. We wanted to position electric heating as a movement that will safeguard the future. It’s not a case of will you join us?…. but when will you join us?

With an emotive territory we knew we couldn’t get our message over with a simple print advert. We needed longer video-based formats to strike a cord.

With a tight production budget, we created a stand-out video featuring local children and local locations for this message. Stock wasn’t good enough, we needed to be localised. We worked closely with a local filmmaker and auditioned young talent from the local theatre and dance school, G.A.T.E.


At the heart of our campaign is a video piece of comms that tells consumers how they can help to change the future, by rethinking their burning of fossil fuels at home.

This piece of video has been turned into a 40 second ITV Hub advert and also sliced into various other edits for social and Beau Sejour screens. As part of a unique media deal, we have been able to secure space to show the 1 min film during the Beau Sejour half-term cinema screenings.

Whilst filming, we also captured still imagery for use in our campaign roll out across Google Display Network, Social Advertising and supporting print.

Listen to the radio ad here:


So far we have seen almost a 545% uplift in page views and an influx of new enquiries.

If you want to inspire behaviour change amongst your audiences or are looking for inventive ways to make your media budget go further, get in touch with our strategy and planning team and let’s make it happen.