Helping a global audience thrive

Most of us head to a high point when we reach somewhere to get a sense of the place. Expats know this feeling well. It’s about being in control, even when you’re on the edge of your comfort zone.

As a banking partner that crosses continents with you, HSBC Expat is the one bank account for global financial control.

Our insight based approach delivered the latest global HSBC Expat campaign – driving acquisition, growing wealth and FX revenues.

Expats have a need to cross continents and manage their money with ease and control helping them achieve global lifestyle ambitions. HSBC is a partner, an enabler who has their back and supports their ambitions. Expats are doers, who boldly go forth and seek life out. Together, with offers for 2020, both parties can thrive.

“Wherever life moves, we’re right with you” is an overarching strategy that anchors each individual story. It delivers on the notion of thriving and picturing aspirational scenes that expats relate to.


We used our deep understanding of the audience to create standout messages we knew would empower and connect. A simple three-stage headline told a story and featured expats in control of their circumstances and finances.

Our ad executions, each tailored to locations, appeared on OOH, print, digital, social and retail.

Following its launch, there was a sharp uptake on HSBC Expat offers throughout the campaign period.