Visit Jersey

How do you want to feel?

Visit Jersey’s 2017 Autumn campaign took a completely new approach as far as tourism marketing goes. The targeted digital display advertising created intrigue with a stripped back advert showing only a hint of the brand look and posed the emotive question “How do you want to feel?”.

Our brief was to encourage visitors to Jersey during the shoulder months of the traditional tourist Summer season. Autumn is the perfect time to visit Jersey, and we needed to create a campaign that demonstrated that whilst achieving stand-out against competitor destinations. Following evaluations of previous campaigns, this campaign was to be online focussed; providing the most targeted reach, return on investment and emotional engagement with potential visitors.

Geographically, we were focussing on city dwellers who lived in close proximity to airports that provide direct flights to Jersey.

We worked with our client to identified 6 measurable campaign objectives:

1. Contribute to Visit Jersey’s target of welcoming 1 million visitors spending £500 million by 2030

2. Create an online campaign that increases visitor numbers in autumn months compared to 2017

3. Drive online engagement and visits to

4. Drive data capture

5. Portray the island as a tonic to the city

6. The media strategy must take into account the above objectives

Extensive research was undertaken into discovering the driving factors for people wanting to take a break from living in the city. Online research helped us to identify the primary negative feelings associated with living in a city.


The immensely successful video was seeded out through Visit Jersey’s social channels and amassed over 1.5 million views as well as helping to achieve a 17% increase in visitors to the island in October and November last year.

We focused on connecting with the target audience whilst reinforcing the key brand message of #theislandbreak. We didn’t want to portray living in a city in a negative light, but simply wanted to reveal some insight into the negative feelings that you sometimes need a break from, when living in a city.  The video, produced by Oi, partly shot in London featured real people being asked both how they were feeling and how they wanted to feel. Many of their answers highlighted some of the general stresses associated with living in a city, leaving us perfectly placed to position Jersey as a tonic to city life.

The online campaign required a strong campaign video at its heart; something that would engage, resonate and create intrigue. We developed a core emotive campaign message of ‘How do you want to feel?’. The display advertising was not being overly branded and this was designed to be a driver, and a different approach for this sector.

After watching the video, prospective visitors were taken to a campaign landing page on where they were asked for their own answer to the question “How do you want to feel?” in exchange for a chance to win an island break. A follow up email campaign ensued promoting various island break options to help them achieve their aspired feeling.

Due to the campaign having a strong focus across digital channels we were able to measure the effectiveness easily. Measurement was also conducted through the deployment of an evaluation methodology that is widely adopted by tourist boards, has been rubber-stamped by the UK National Audit Office, and that mirrors the UK Government Communications Service ‘Standards and Guidelines’.

The results from this evaluation showed that more than a month after having seen the campaign more than 90% said that they recalled it. The material led respondents to say that it conveyed Jersey as being somewhere that offered a warm welcome and would be the sort of place that they would enjoy.

Advocacy is an important driver of destination choice and almost half of those seeing the campaign were stimulated into talking to their friends and relatives about Jersey as a result. Between one-quarter and one-third of those recalling the campaign actively searched for details of accommodation available in Jersey and flight or ferry fares as a result.

The immensely successful campaign video amassed over 1.5 million views on social media as well as 584,000 completed views via paid display media. Achieving an above industry average view through rate of 69%.

Best Digital Campaign – 2019 CIM Travel Marketing Awards – 3rd place!

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