Aladdins Cave

Celebrating the joy of shopping

To drive renewed interest in Aladdins Cave, we launched a new emotional led campaign platform that celebrates the joy of discovery and encourages lapsed shoppers to view the store in a new light.

Having identified disconnect between an out of date perception and unexpected and high quality products in store, we thought it was time to re-educate our audience and showcase the great unexpected finds in store.

Knowing the potential broad appeal of the store, we started to bring together the idea of unexpected journeys according to audience type, thinking of the different unexpected journeys different people could have.

To avoid using stock imagery in our brand communication, we created an ownable illustration style that would give us the ongoing ability to easily depict the great selection, without being overly cluttered.

Through our brand comms, we told the stories of individual shopping trips that started off visiting for a specific product and whilst there resulted in a voyage of discovery, highlighting out there or completely unexpected items such as reusable sandwich bags.

Listen to our radio ads below:



Over the last few months we have been rolling out the campaign across channels, to bring a unified look across social, digital and print, with the store experience next on our list.

Having launched the new campaign post-pandemic to drive interest, we are now looking at other ways we can deliver the unexpected for customers and our clients.

If you are looking for new ways to engage with your customers, or need help identifying new target audiences to grow your business – get in touch today.