Visit Jersey

Escape to Jersey – Summer

Oi created and launched a major integrated digital marketing campaign for Visit Jersey encouraging Londoners to escape to the island for a holiday or short break.

The immersive and interactive new campaign was called ‘Escape to Jersey’. First person video footage with a custom sound track used to encapsulate the Jersey experience, allowing travellers to effectively ‘try before they fly’.

Accessible through the responsive campaign microsite, the video shots aimed to evoke an emotional reaction from the viewer by appealing to the senses and giving an honest taste of a potential break in Jersey without leaving the comfort of the sofa.

Leading local photographer and videographer, Danny Evans, spent three weeks touring the length and breadth of the island to capture the essence of Jersey in a series of video vines. Using GoPro cameras on body harnesses he captured the whole Jersey experience in amazing video footage – from the breath-taking beaches at St Ouen to the dramatic views from Mont Orgueil Castle, and everything in between.

Using innovative technology, participants confirmed whether they are male or female then use a slider on the microsite to answer a series of 5 personality based questions about the type of holiday experience they’d like to have. Those included:

Relaxed or energetic
Under the stars or five stars
Beach café or Michelin star
Party time or time for you
Bargain hunter or buy it anyway

They then entered their email address, clicked on ‘Create my escape’ and a unique one minute video of their own ‘virtual’ Jersey experience immediately played. It could then be shared with friends and family using Facebook or Twitter. An automated email was sent to the user thanking them for creating their Jersey escape, and included a link again to their personalised Jersey video escape.

Adam Caerlewy-Smith, Head of Marketing at Visit Jersey said: “The Travel and tourism industry is undergoing a huge revolutionary change in the way it seeks to engage new visitors and to continue to appeal to existing ones. We wanted to challenge people’s perceptions of Jersey and capture rich data, which can shape future marketing initiatives. The ‘Escape to Jersey’ campaign puts a little slice of island life in the palms of potential visitors and shows them what escaping to Jersey really feels like.”

The campaign microsite featured three different escape short break packages, beautiful images of Jersey via an Instagram feed, links to Visit Jersey’s other social media channels, and information about the island.

Visit Jersey ran a highly targeted, rich media display and online advertising campaign supported by email and social media activity, directing potential visitors to the Escape to Jersey campaign microsite.