Connecting on a local level

Are big banks really part of an island mindset?

Our Islands campaign concept, ‘We’re right with you,’ put in place a strategy that builds on the brand essence of togetherness and delivers on the notion of thriving, through offers that help make a difference.

By linking local traits to exclusive island offers on credit cards, loans, mortgages and wealth investments we were able to truly hit home.

HSBC really is rooted with its customers, sharing the idiosyncrasies and quirks that come with an island location. It also has an open ethos and a commitment to helping communities thrive. These offers for 2020 help islanders get on.



And because we’re right with you, many of our headlines chimed on a local level, such as, ‘like the noon day cannon, start with a bang’ which ran locally in Guernsey and similarly relevant messaging for Jersey and the Isle of Man.

Drawn from local insights, our ad executions appeared on OOH, print, social, digital and retail. We used our deep understanding of our audience to strike the right tone and create messages we knew would stand out and connect.

Since its launch, the campaign has generated walk-ins, a buzz on social media, as well as making the local financial news. There’s a sharp uptake on offers but we’re still running until March 31st, so watch this space.