Branding a landmark restaurant with local heritage

We were really excited to be approached by Delphine Pesrin-Auder and Mickael Pesrin in 2016, to help their brand new restaurant come to life. Octopus required a full brand identity, starting with a logo design before we deep-dived into wayfinding, menus, van designs, aprons, gift cards, takeaway bags and more.

Octopus is highly regarded in the Guernsey community and frequently booked out on weekdays and weekends. A first-class location for weddings, birthdays and events.

The restaurant, with its sleek and modern aesthetic, appears far removed from the traditional nature of its partner restaurant, Petit Bistro. However, the name of the restaurant itself is a nod to Delphine and Mickael’s dual heritage.

The restaurant and branding was inspired by Victor Hugo’s ‘The Toilers of the Sea’, a gripping tale set in Guernsey. Hugo wrote the entire story in the island after he was banished from his native home of France, dedicating the story to “the noble little nation of the sea.” Mickael explains, “he (Hugo) found solace in the beauty of Guernsey despite his exile and fell in love with the landscape.”

“We feel proud of Hugo’s take on our island, particularly as French-born inhabitants of Guernsey. We were moved by his ability to align the two nations that we equally call home. We named Octopus after Hugo’s villain in the tale – an enormous octopus who fights the protagonist Gilliat; and the restaurant opening coincided with the 150th anniversary of the novel which is very close to our hearts.”

The site overlooks Havelet Bay, a known favourite spot of the french author, who swam regularly in the bay. His heritage filters in throughout the design of the Octopus brand, restaurant and marketing materials. If you look closely, in many parts of the design you will find extracts from the ‘Toilers of the Sea’ novel. Oi applied this to the vans and food wraps.

We continue to work with Octopus, creating seasonal menus and most recently, to create a brand new takeaway service. As well as helping to develop branded merchandise and restaurant materials.

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