Locate Guernsey

A better life for you

Locate Guernsey is the island’s promotional body, and is tasked with attracting high net worth individuals to relocate to the island. Following a strategic review and brand development by Oi, Locate Guernsey now focuses on three main messaging pillars: Working for you, Less taxing for you, and Island life for you, underpinned by the new overarching positioning statement: ‘A better life for you’.

Oi has been working together with Locate Guernsey to evolve its brand positioning, messaging and improve its marketing campaigns across multiple channels. The work has involved a strategic brand review and refined approach, new advertising campaign including imagery and copywriting, editorials, collateral redesign, videos, presentations, as well as digital advertising improvements. We’ve also updated Locate Guernsey’s website – www.locateguernsey.com

Response to the new brand positioning, messaging and evolution of Locate Guernsey’s marketing has been very positive. We’re looking forward to continuing to work closely with Locate Guernsey and generate highly effective and engaging marketing activity, enabling them to attract more high net worth individuals to the island.