Visit Jersey

Award-winning 360° videos

Visit Jersey launched a new brand in 2016 and looked to Oi to create a summer campaign to amplify this fresh approach to tourism on the island. The brief was to create a campaign that changed perceptions of Jersey as an outdated destination mainly visited by an older demographic. The content that this campaign was driving people to needed to be innovative and portray the islands many attributes in a progressive way.

The campaign was to be the first in a line of campaigns focusing on reaching Visit Jersey’s goal of 1 million visitors per year by 2030.

Extensive research went into who we should be targeting and a new younger target audience was defined. We knew we had to reach out to these new markets whilst nurturing the island’s current visitor market.


Play the video then use your cursor, or touch, to move around 360° degrees. The music’s good too.

At the time that this campaign was developed, it was clear that 360° video was making it’s mark in a widespread way. Facebook had promised to power more “immersive content” in news feeds whilst YouTube was already a year into launching their 360° Video Channel. The Google cardboard App was being developed further, sales of virtual reality headsets were on the rise and were no longer only for gamers.



Ten 360° videos were captured from around the island and formed the innovative content for the campaign. The Jersey website featured campaign pages showing 6 videos with an option to unlock further videos by signing up to marketing emails and competition entry.

A unique direct mail piece to UK based vloggers, bloggers and press containing branded virtual reality headsets were sent out at the start of the main campaign activity. The headsets allowed recipients to take the 360° videos to another level by viewing them in full virtual reality. This activity created intrigue and hype ahead of the main campaign launch as recipients posted their experiences on social channels and blogs.

A media campaign was developed directing prospective visitors to the website which we approached this with a soft launch initially moving to a medium / heavyweight campaign that ran across various national digital channels including social and targeted display. The interactive videos also featured across On Demand TV channels including ITV player and Channel 4’s All 4, and allowed viewers to interact with the adverts and choose from a selection of 360° videos to click through and watch.



A follow-up email campaign was developed to reacquaint people who had earlier entered the competition and offered the unlocked secret 360° videos alongside links to book offers and packages.

The final part of the campaign was a social media video that saw a Jersey sunset streamed live into a pub in Shoreditch in London, reactions were filmed and a social video produced highlighting the difference between having a sundowner in London compared to Jersey. Promotional material at the event drew attention to the island’s accessibility from London by using the strapline “Shoreditch to Shoreline in 40 minutes”.


Due to the campaign having a strong focus across digital channels we were able to measure the effectiveness easily. Digital media achieved over 36 million impressions and the 360° videos amounted to over 140,000 views on Facebook alone.

As a result of the campaign Visit Jersey’s website saw an increase of 12% compared to the previous year and generated 45,000 referrals for local tourism businesses.

The campaign was recognised globally when it was nominated for two awards at the 2017 Chartered Institute of Marketing Excellence awards and celebrated winning “Best Brand Building Campaign” on the night. Oi continues to work closely with Visit Jersey to develop seasonal campaigns and we were more than happy to see results for the first quarter of the year showing a 19% increase in holiday visitors to the island, which was the biggest rise in 20 years.