Guernsey Electricity

Celebrating a need for change

In 2020, Guernsey made the bold move to switch all of their imported energy sources to renewable sources such as hydropower, solar and wind.

We were tasked with announcing this big news to Guernsey residents to help them feel proud and recognise a need for change.

For our consumer-led campaign, we took an announcement led approach with a more illustrative style that provided a fresh, clean, and aspirational look for the brand. A look and feel that would stand out against other advertising clutter, reminiscent of idyllic travel posters.

Renewables for All celebrates people being able to plug into renewables without installing expensive PV units or air source heat pumps.

The campaign is predominantly a digital campaign, leading with Google Display, Facebook Advertising, and supported with local advertising placement.

To launch the campaign internally, a climate statement video was created featuring Guernsey Electricity employees to help bring everyone on board. The video was launched in the power station with branded seed giveaways to help employees be the ‘seeds of change’. Watch the video¬†here.

Upon announcement to the press, several iconic buildings in Guernsey were illuminated in green to join us in celebration including Guernsey Electricity, St James and Catherine Best.