Where do we go next? Let’s find a way together

17th July 2020

The last few months have been a whirlwind. Whilst it was relatively easy for us to adapt to working from home, our team has been put through their paces, responding to mass digital transformation and tactical campaigns in unimaginable timeframes.

Constant changes in restrictions meant our quarterly plans were thrown out the window in favour of a day by day marketing approach. What we had carefully planned and scoped for our clients over Q2 seemed irrelevant in the face of a pandemic.

But what started off as a mad panic that would threaten our very existence, actually paved the way for a whole new approach. No longer were we being handed executional briefs, but having conversations about how we could help with business survival. Never knowing what the next day would bring, made us become creative problem solvers again. Most mornings or even afternoons involved a conversation that started with “I know this is crazy… but is there any chance we can launch a new retail platform by tomorrow?”. Knowing some things were simply not possible, we had to put our thinking hats on and think of ways we could, among other things, help our clients sell when their shops were closed.

During lockdown, we had to stay in Beta, not knowing from week to week if restrictions would change, making previous thinking redundant. Though weeks and days were unpredictable, we had a new energy that excited both us and our clients.

Our most important survival super power has been agility, plus an appetite from clients to evolve and change.

But as we come out of lockdown, what does this mean for the future of the agency and how we work with our clients?

Like any agency we always strive to be more creative in service of our clients’ businesses, but we need to shift the relationship to become truly effective. We’re not at our best when we’re simply delivering, we are at our best when we’re working with clients creating business change. Of course, our thinking may result in simple delivery, but we’ll all know it’s happening for the right reasons, in pursuit of the right goals.

We don’t want to be your production agency, we want to be your creative agency, and here’s how we move forward:

Always in beta – helping you get to market with a minimum viable approach, with room to adapt, evolve and learn. Because if the last few months have proved anything it’s that those who adapt quickest tend to win.

Talk about the elephant in the room. How can we better equip you to take on the competition, both on and off island. Availability doesn’t trump variety.

Unlock your brand, not just your advertising. Ensure you deliver for consumers across the board. Think about your customer promise and delivery. How can we apply brand new thinking across your entire ecosystem.

Never sit still, always think about what next. Because history doesn’t dictate the future. Our job is to help clients create new ideas, new markets and new opportunities to safeguard the future.

Challenge the status quo. Get up and close with your customers. We can unlock shop local in a way that actually means something to your customers. It’s time to find your trump card by really understanding what people want.

Challenge us with meaty business problems. We promise to bring wildcard thinking. Contact Oi today.