Taking events to Mars during lockdown

24th July 2020

The limitations presented to us so far this year have demanded us all to take on new challenges and look at the way we do things with a different perspective. Looking at these challenges as opportunities has allowed brands and organisations to adapt, setting them apart from the crowd and helping to lead a wave of instinctive and bold thinking, instilling in others hope for the future by responding to bad situations with good ideas.

In this article we have pulled together some of our favourite examples of brand new thinking witnessed over the past few months in regards to the creative challenge of hosting events during a time when the world can’t do events.

Virtual Design Festival by Dezeen

While restricted to our homes Dezeen adapted to the new climate by hosting the world’s first online design festival. The festival includes interviews, product launches, collaborations and movies with the added benefit of being able to tune in whenever you like. Although the shift from physical to digital media undoubtedly took a great deal of organisation (and a lot of late nights) the outcome opened up the festival to a much broader audience. The accessibility broke down the elitism that comes with a physical event; with location and capacity no longer posing an issue. Their adaptability has provided hours of educational entertainment and built monumental respect for the organisation.

Degree Show on Mars by Liverpool John Moores University

There’s a first time for everything and with University degree shows mostly cancelled due to social distancing regulations, students are hosting digital exhibitions instead. However unlike most virtual degree shows Liverpool John Moores University BA in Fine Art are displaying their degree work on Mars. Their reasoning behind the idea was a way of ‘acknowledging the present rather than avoiding it’ and moving their work to Mars allowed them to stress the importance of looking after our planet so that we don’t need to relocate to another one. Their initiative highlights their flexibility as designers while the project showcases the lack of limitations the digital world provides us with and the opportunities available even when the traditional infrastructure is taken away.

Nicer Tuesdays by It’s Nice

Traditionally hosted monthly in London, Nicer Tuesdays by It’s Nice showcases four inspiring creatives who talk for ten minutes about their recent design work. Taking new circumstances in their stride the event swiftly shifted to an online zoom talk with attendees donating what they could afford to tune in. Speakers from New York to Nigeria shared their screens providing their response to current events and words of wisdom. Seeing all these reputable designers present from their homes was humbling, giving insight into their stripped back worlds.