It’s the journey and the destination

23rd November 2020

As much as we would all like to stop talking about the global pandemic and get back on with our lives, the reality is it’s most likely here to stay for quite a while. We can all agree that some pretty drastic and dramatic changes happened to our spending habits as an immediate result of the pandemic, and in particular, during lockdown. Physical shopping has now become time-consuming, logistically more difficult (with the added complication of queues, masks and regular sanitisation) and in hard Covid-hit areas, downright dangerous. It’s hardly surprising that so much of our consumer lifestyle is now performed without any human contact.

According to McKinsey, e-commerce spending went up 30% from the beginning of March through to mid-April. And the increase in online shopping has changed the expectations of online shoppers. For example, free delivery and returns are now expected as standard, with extended return periods. Stores are expected to have apps through which purchases can be made quickly and easily.

With the entire high street now available instantly through any browser, brand loyalty is easily lost as companies fail to keep up. So how do you keep your customer’s attention and loyalty?

Fortunately, when digital channels are used to their full potential, the capacity for tracking what customers value becomes very high and companies are able to respond quickly with new or adjusted offerings. And these offerings are being received with far more positivity than those pre-Covid. In fact, consumer trust in online advertising has increased so dramatically over recent months that engagement is at an all-time high.

That may be, in part, down to the quality of online advertising. According to the World Economic Forum, as consumers were forced to retreat indoors and engage with the world through an online environment, so advertising followed. After all, there’s no point advertising to an empty audience. Budgets that might previously have been allocated to print or large-format public display were shifted to digital and the barre was raised. Where digital had taken second place, it was now propelled to pole position. And rightly so.

Attaining and retaining customers in these times essentially boils down to online journeys – from initial engagement to tracking, responding and pre-empting. And it’s tough – with so many options and so much digital noise – this is not your regular high street footfall plan.

In order to succeed, it’s absolutely essential your digital strategy is exceptionally well thought through, trackable, traceable, well-budgeted and speaks volumes to your audience across the noise.

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