The goosebump test

4th August 2020

Does it give you goosebumps?

I’ve worked in advertising and marketing for over 20 years. Pre-launch testing for advertising campaigns is essential. But, before you get to that, you know if it’s good, or not, when you review the piece of work before presenting it to a client. Whether it’s heading for a newspaper, magazine, phone, computer, TV, billboard, speaker, bus, car or plane, wherever – the true acid test of great creativity, in my view, is whether it gives you goosebumps. If the hairs on your arms shoot to the moon as a glowing smile transcends across your face, and everyone else who sees it. Simple as that. If it does, you’re on to a winner. If not, back to the drawing board.

It’s a similar feeling to other emotional situations, such as walking down the aisle during your wedding, standing on a podium and listening to a national anthem after winning in sports, or watching a hero do something insane on a social media channel. It’s your subconscious releasing adrenaline – the happy hormone 😃

If the piece of work doesn’t give you goosebumps it’s unlikely to work well, and it will probably fail during the three broad categories of advertising tests.

Tests which gauge how effectively an ad performs on key communications metrics like ad recall, service attributes and communicating benefits.

Measuring how effectively an ad changes perceptions and opinions through metrics like persuasion, personal values and higher order values testing.

Testing the success of campaigns intended to drive actions, such as purchasing, using response and ad effectiveness tests.

According to an IPSOS study, creative quality determines 75% of the impact, as measured by brand and advertising recall. Research by Facebook, and the other social media giants, shows digital advertising must use attention-grabbing creative, and every second matters. People are consuming and recalling more content faster than ever before. To determine if pre-testing results will hold up in the Facebook News Feed, they looked at three different testing environments.

Put your creative to the test
Testing digital advertising creative before a campaign goes live will help advertisers launch higher-impact campaigns in-market and spend more efficiently. Based on results from creative pre-testing, marketers can confidently decide which assets to support with media spend.

Think holistically
Playing with creative can help identify the best overall combination of advertising creative assets for each campaign. While testing solutions in Facebook’s study were consistent in predicting the top-performing advert, when creative is average, the other factors of the campaign became even more important.

Capture attention in-feed
While creative pre-testing worked in a feed-based environment, adverts viewed in-feed require more breakthrough creative to capture attention. Facebook News Feed is fast, frequent and personalised. Advertisers should leverage iconography and branding cues strategically to captivate consumers early and get people to stop scrolling.

The adrenaline’s pumping at Oi. We’re super happy. So, If you’re not getting goosebumps from your creative and advertising campaigns, let’s have a chat (Virtually for now).