Google Speedpocalypse 2021

1st November 2020

It’s coming, history is about to repeat itself. Google is releasing another new algorithm update which will impact the way we all search and find the content we want online. This is the first time since 2015’s Mobilegeddon (mobile friendly boosted search rankings) that Google have decided to release such a major update to its core algorithms. Don’t panic, these new changes won’t be coming into effect until May 21 giving plenty of notice and time for websites to comply, drive change and best practices across the web.

What is changing & potential impact:

Google are updating their ranking algorithm based on perceived experience of users interacting with a web page. In a nutshell if Google thinks users will have a poor experience on site due to several new factors such as page loading times and interactivity on page – Google may not rank pages as highly as they have been before. Miss the boat and could experience a negative drop in both search visibility and traffic to website.

Get it right – big opportunities!

Content will still be king; Google have made it clear that great content will still rank highly. Now is a perfect time to conduct a complete review of your website performance, build out a fresh content strategy and ensure your website is up to scratch following the new best practices. Good content and optimised page speeds also goes hand in hand with a good CMS (Content Management System)

People who have a negative experience on mobile are 62% less likely to make a future purchase no matter how beautiful or data-driven your marketing campaigns are. Source: Think with Google

Making changes now will lead to a better overall customer experience with brand perception improvements whilst also being able to meet modern demands of a fast and frictionless online experience carried with your brand offering. By having a strong brand and visual identity that’s unique to your market alongside a leading customer centric web platform will really reap the benefits offering up even greater visibility against the competition.

Improving page speed also decreases bounce rates (people leaving site immediately) and increase your conversions (I.e. email contact or purchase)

We are here to help. With any change comes new opportunities and fresh new thinking to evolve your digital strategy.