The highest standards

3rd February 2016

As an Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) accredited agency, Oi has to have high standards. This includes continuous professional development, which depends on team members completing their own training throughout the year, supported by the agency.

There are also a number of IPA Certificates that have to be fulfilled. These include the Foundation Certificate, which all new-starters at Oi complete; providing an invaluable overview to the industry, processes, what’s new and changing.

The second is the IPA LegRegs Certificate, which 5% of the agency must be qualified in. This ensures that agency practitioners, especially those interfacing directly with clients in account management, are fully conversant with the legal and self-regulatory measures that determine our business.

Most recently, the IPA Commercial Certificate has become the latest compulsory qualification. Written by the IPA Finance Policy Group, the commercial qualification has been created for Account Directors to further develop their commercial nous, both for the agency and clients. 
The qualification is made up of seven sections:
- Terminology – the language of finance
- KPIs – the key numbers for agencies
- Fees – how agencies are paid
- Finance and production
- Contract elements
- Finance and media agencies
- Client P&L

Each section covers important elements from both client and agency perspectives, helping to give Account Directors a greater understanding of the financial impact of decisions they are making with clients.

Heather Townsend, Head of Oi Jersey, is the first Oi team member to complete this and we’re expecting a few more completions imminently.

“We take great pride in our IPA member agency status, and believe that we can only truly bring to life our brand new thinking philosophy by continually investing in training and development our people,” said Peter Grange, Oi Chief Executive.