Shoreditch to shoreline

11th August 2016

Recently Londoners were treated to a taste of Jersey life as Visit Jersey streamed a live sunset into a popular London pub.

The event formed part of the successful 360° summer campaign that Oi launched in June this year, promoting Jersey’s summer offering to Londoners. The experiential event focused on the quick and easy access Londoners have to the island, highlighting that at this time of year they too can experience a glorious St Ouen’s Bay sunset for real after only a short flight from the city.

The event, which was held at Shoreditch pub The Crown and Shuttle featured a large landscape LED screen covering the back wall of their popular beer garden. As the sun went down in London the bright screen drew attention all around by showing a ten minute countdown to patrons enjoying their after-work tipple. At the end of the countdown the screen showed a live stream of a beautiful St Ouen’s sunset, intensified by the perfect weather across the Channel Islands on the evening of the event. Media, bloggers and vloggers were invited to attend the event in support of the campaign.

Promotional beer mats were used to create intrigue, with teaser messaging encouraging people to keep an eye on the screen. Following the exceptionally beautiful sunset, people in the pub were handed a promotional flier which used the clever tagline “From Shoreditch to shoreline in 40 minutes”, highlighting the island’s accessibility whilst also encouraging people to visit the campaign pages on the website and enter a competition to win a trip to Jersey. The competition entry also served as a way to capture prospective visitors’ email addresses for future marketing material.

The pre-live-feed countdown was designed to create atmosphere and interest using only a black screen and the campaign tagline “All will be revealed…” An animation was then shown post-live-feed to emphasise the short distance and easy access to the island which was followed by the summer brand video to give everyone a real feel for the island, its culture and its people.

Jersey-based film production company Jim and Tonic were at the event to capture both the behind the scenes set-up and the reactions of pub-goers. This was then combined with on island footage to tell the story of the camera being set up in Jersey, the event itself and the reactions of the public.

This short film will run on Visit Jersey’s Facebook channel together with paid Facebook advertising targeted at Londoners. Oi was particularly excited to be involved in this event, which emulates the pride we feel for an island we call home.