Roam free

22nd July 2016

Oi’s client Airtel-Vodafone has launched a unique product to islanders allowing them to take their contract bundle minutes, texts and data with them when travelling in the UK and France.

Airtel-Vodafone is the first local telecoms provider to offer a product like this, and a monthly plan like the Power Plan Plus has been eagerly awaited by islanders who are often unaware of the large costs that can incur when using your mobile phone whilst roaming. This product creates a unique solution for islanders who have in the past either had to pay hefty roaming bills or simply go without using their mobile phone whilst off island.

Oi’s first task as Airtel-Vodafone’s retained agency was to create a concept that showed simply and directly what this new monthly plan has to offer. The campaign creative was developed using aerial imagery of both London and Paris, pointers on each version of the creative suggest ways you can use your smartphone as you roam around either of these cities.

The campaign was launched across print, point of sale, online, email and social channels using various local mediums to get this exciting new product across to islanders.

Oi developed some additional creative for Airtel-Vodafone’s social channels showing how this product can offer solutions for various scenarios when travelling in the UK and France. Oi created imagery to show how you can get the most from your smartphone if you’re a City Breaker, Culture Vulture, Festival Goer or a Road Tripper.  From posting to your social channels to getting directions on Google maps the accessibility this product offers makes for endless travel solutions.

Print adverts across Jersey’s leading lifestyle magazines and digital adverts taking over top local information websites are offering great coverage of the new plan to islanders. The roll-out of the campaign included creating dedicated information pages on the Airtel-Vodafone website which allow you to click through to the online shop and purchase the product online (another unique service developed for Airtel-Vodafone by Oi’s team).