Oi’s 360° reveal for Visit Jersey

16th June 2016

Oi has launched the first UK-focused 360° virtual reality tourism campaign for Visit Jersey.

The campaign launches at a time when the Internet is a-buzz with this new immersive medium. Facebook have promised to power more “immersive content” in your news feed whilst YouTube is already a year into launching their 360° Video Channel and Google cardboard app with new features being developed continuously.

With the vested interest these major social platforms have made into the development of 360° and virtual reality video, it made perfect sense for us to align the summer campaign for Visit Jersey with this new and exciting medium. Forbes online released an article, just days ago, touting Virtual Tourism as “The best use of 360° degree video” and we agree. What better way to get a real feel for a prospective holiday destination than to immerse yourself fully into the sights and sounds on offer?

Visit Jersey’s 2016 summer campaign is the first campaign developed using the new Jersey brand and the local papers have been hot with positive articles following the launch. It was during the launch event last week that the previous Jersey website was switched over to the newly branded site showcasing the 360° campaign videos developed and filmed by Oi. The videos can be navigated on a desktop computer using a cursor to change the viewpoint or on a mobile device that utilises built-in hardware such as accelerometers and gyroscopes to pan 360° videos by physically moving the phone to change the viewpoint.

Filming has been taking place across the island over the last few months, capturing 360° footage of some of the most picturesque and interesting activities and areas that our island has to offer. The production of the 360° videos was managed by Oi’s Head of Creative, James Carter, who developed storyboards and lead the direction of each video and post-production.

The footage was captured using seven GoPro cameras on a specially designed drone rig, it was then stitched together using advanced stitching software to create the spherical video required for 360° viewing. Initial consultation from the experts (UK based production company, Rewind) has meant that Oi were able to carry out the filming and post-production whilst enhancing their skillset within this medium.

Ten videos were captured around the island and form the innovative high tech content for the campaign due to launch nationally mid-June, the new Jersey.com website features campaign pages showing 6 videos with an option to unlock further videos by signing up to marketing emails and competition entry.

A unique direct mail piece to UK based vloggers, bloggers and press containing branded virtual reality headsets were sent out ahead of the start of the main campaign media activity. The headsets allow recipients to take the 360° videos to the next level of immersive content by viewing them in full virtual reality. When viewed on a compatible mobile device, an option to view through a virtual reality headset means that the video content is split into two screens, one image per eye, the viewer thus experiences an illusion of depth within the video through polarised lenses.

The selected influencers are asked to share their thoughts on the 360° video content online and through social channels to generate hype prior to the full media activity roll-out. The campaign will run nationally as well as in France and Germany, across online, social and on-demand TV advertising designed to encourage prospective visitors to experience Jersey in all its 360° glory.