Oi CIM Marketing Team of the Year!

25th March 2015

Oi was crowned Marketing Team of the Year at the 2015 Channel Islands Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Awards on Friday night.

Rightly so the whole team deserves huge credit for all their hard work across the Guernsey, Jersey and London operations in making the past 12 months such a success for the agency.

Collecting the award on the night Peter Grange, Oi Chief Executive Officer, said: “This is brilliant! This one’s for my amazing team, their hard work and commitment to making Oi the best agency on the block.”

Highlights of the evening also included Peter kissing every member of staff…twice, Ben Clarke, Creative Director, drinking more champagne than any other time in his life, and Heather Townsend, Jersey Managing Director, consuming far too much white wine.

In true singing style, Pip Queripel, Guernsey Managing Director, was press ganged in to unleashing her opera skills for all to enjoy (and it was quite something), after everyone at Oi had thrown some amazing shapes on the Drift dance floor at The Royal Yacht Hotel.

Donning slick black ties rather than bow ties, the Oi men bucked the trend this year and Senior Creative, James Carter, won the Best Dressed Person in the Entire Venue Prize (as voted by everyone at Oi). His faux leopard print black jacket (thanks to a bargain via ASOS), and option to wear black trainers rather than shoes, possibly says it all, but take a look for yourself!

Possibly one of the highlights of the night was when everyone took turns to dress up and have their photos taken in the Coca-Cola photo booth and then continued to dance around while wearing various wigs, helmets and props!

Usually the CIM night is pretty wild and to continue the theme Oi had a champagne-fuelled after party with Jacuzzi action.

Lots of people enjoyed double bubbles while sipping champagne and floating around in the Jacuzzi until the early hours, but eventually time was called after a team pizza session and some large glasses of water to help with the hangovers.

Luckily Peter and Pip made it to Condor for the return trip to Guernsey at 7.30am on Saturday, nursing hangovers from a brilliant night at which everyone celebrated the fruits of their labour in true Oi style.

Entertaining one hell of a hangover Peter went on to say: “That was probably one of the wildest nights I’ve had in the past 10 years. I’m getting too old for this sort of partying, but what fun! Great night. Great people. Great headache. I’m now going to sleep for the entire weekend!”

Despite Peter’s plan off peaceful sleep and recuperation, that didn’t happen. He returned to his two excited young children, and wife, to an action packed weekend. Just what you need with a monster hangover, but with his spirits high having picked up the one of the Channel Islands most sought after marketing awards, he made it through!

Of course listening to you customers’ needs is what marketing is all about. The CIM Awards night paid tribute to all the great work by industry professionals from across the Channel Islands for the very first time. Having been finalists many times over the years this is the first time Oi has won an award, so it was especially poignant.

Ultimately we love the industry we work in and what we do every day. It’s that passion that drives us on to produce award-winning work and we’re looking forward to next year’s CIM awards and hopefully picking up a few more awards.

That’s a wrap on our night of celebration. Here’s to another great year with lots more ‘Brand new thinking’ from everyone at Oi.