Legendary branding

6th May 2015

Following on from the Jersey Live branding, Oi has developed the branding and marketing campaign for this year’s family-orientated Folklore Festival in Jersey.

Folklore Festival is a new(ish) venture by Jersey Live with the aim to produce a modest-sized event that is in tune with a more relaxed European atmosphere. The main objective was to build an effective, memorable brand. Its personality is friendly, unimposing and fun. It communicates tradition and values but in a modern way. It’s intimate (but not small), it’s unique (but not niche) and fun (but not raucous) with an informal and honest tone of voice.

At the heart of the design are a series of brand elements that Folklore can use to create their in-house design items, so these have to be really flexible. Once the brand is taken on by Folklore, they are left to their own creative devices to produce their varied communication materials.

We’ve paid special attention to the typography, creating Folklore their very own custom typefaces, ‘Folklore text‘ and ‘Folklore Bold‘ naturally! These typefaces give the brand a very ownable edge.

The event, which was previously held at The People’s Park, is making a comeback and is due to take place this year on Sunday 14th June at the natural amphitheatre of Val De La Mare, against the backdrop of the idyllic St Ouen’s Bay.

Organisers Warren Le Sueur and Warren Holt – the team behind Jersey Live – have been working to bring Folklore back since 2012 and have secured the headlining act for this year’s event – James! Also confirmed are Nerina Pallot, Reef, Gentleman’s Dub Club, Dreadzone, Lloyd Yates, The Doors Alive, Tadhg Daly, Kevin Pallot and Pirate Party Brigade.

In addition to the main stage, the Agapanthus stage will offer an array of comedians, musicians and spoken word acts. A new third area has been added, the Islands stage, showcasing the best live acts from Jersey and its neighbouring islands. Also on site will be Love Theatre Jersey Kids Capoeira Classes Jersey C.I., Inner Peace Jersey and Stormtrooper Jersey.

“By moving the site we are making the feel of it a bit different but the values will still remain the same. The festival will be on a Sunday, which I think will be for the best,” said Mr Le Sueur. The aim of this year’s Folklore Festival, he added, is a ‘modest-sized‘ event, with a relaxed and ‘French-style‘ atmosphere. “It will be a nice alternative to Jersey Live and we will have a great show for everyone.” Mr Le Sueur said.

Early bird tickets are priced at £36 for adults (13 years and above) and just £7.50 for children.