Celebrating Alice’s Adventures

23rd April 2015

St. James’ Court Hotel, one of Westminster’s most luxurious hotels and Oi’s clients, have been busy celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

With many exciting and imaginative projects in the pipeline to pay homage to Lewis Carroll’s much loved masterpiece, St. James’ Court kicked off their tributes with an event that invited guests to ‘Follow us down the rabbit hole…’ to an elaborate evening full of ‘Drink me’ cocktails, Queen of Hearts cakes and plenty of Alice related amusements.

Oi made its mark on the event by designing the artwork which was displayed at the entrance, welcoming guests and giving them a glimpse of the fantastical world they were about to fall into! We achieved this by using the signature St. James’ Court colours, classic elements from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and a beautiful, psychedelic optical illusion.

Keep an eye out for more mind-bending Alice and St James’ Court Hotel creative campaigns!